Sam Lawson - All Inclusive Rec
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Sam Lawson

Sales Associate


Sam Lawson joined All Inclusive Rec in May 2014 as a Project Manager for the state of Illinois. Sam specializes in working with parks and recreation departments, schools, churches, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Sam is based in the St. Louis area.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice from the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). Prior to joining the team at All Inclusive Rec, Sam spent 16 years in the insurance industry, including as the President and Owner of his own company. Sam’s experience as a business owner informs his ability to manage multiple client projects with ongoing deadlines – without sacrificing quality or customer service. Sam is passionate about playgrounds because they help children interact with and learn about each other.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys running, mountain biking, racing and working on muscle cars. Sam and his spouse have three children and two dogs.

Looking to bring a playground or recreational project to Illinois? Contact Sam today.