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PLAY MATTERS! For kids and adults alike, the benefits of being outside are countless.

At All Inclusive Rec, we believe in helping communities create outdoor environments that inspire people of all ages and abilities to engage with each other and with nature.

We are a top provider of industry-leading products for park, recreation and playground projects. When partnering with us, you can be confident that our years of experience and knowledge will make your project an overwhelming success.

What Sets Us Apart

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Creative Designs

Design is key. Uniquely blending function with aesthetics, the result is truly magical. Not only do our solutions meet your technical requirements, such as available space and intended age groups, they are also inspired by the latest trends to add that extra WOW factor!

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Commitment to Inclusion

Build for everyone. We are guided by the principle that if you design for the average user, you design for no one. During the planning process, we look through a lens of accessibility to ensure that your outdoor space will provide a fun experience for people of all abilities.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Maximize your budget! Designing on a budget does not mean you need to sacrifice product quality or design. By utilizing our large product portfolio, cost-effective solutions and vivid imaginations, our team will create an outdoor space that people will love — without breaking the bank.

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Customer Focused

Exceed expectations. Whether you are a landscape architect planning a multi-functional greenspace or a PTA volunteer organizing a playground upgrade, our goal is to make your job as simple as possible. Our local representatives are eager to help bring your vision to life!

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Product Solutions & Services

There is more to any project than simply buying from a catalog. Each project is unique. This is why All Inclusive Rec offers a range of services, from in-person site visits and 3D CAD renderings, to installation solutions and financing. We also work with leading manufacturers to provide products of the highest quality, safety and design creativity.

Playground Inspiration

Browse our project portfolio to gather inspiration and learn more about working with All Inclusive Rec.

Exterior photo of Adventure Park.
Commercial Playground Equipment
Outdoor photo of a park pavilion.