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The finishing touch is one of the most important parts of creating your outdoor space. It’s what turns a creative, well-designed concept into a beautiful, practical, people-friendly gathering place.

From benches and tables to bike racks and planters, site furnishings are available in a wide variety of stunning styles and materials so that you can find the perfect pieces to complement your space and carefully craft the experience you want visitors to have. The right site furnishings will ensure every visit to your space is not only comfortable, clean and convenient, but beautiful and inspiring, too.


Types of Site Furnishings

Rows of blue benches in an amphitheater.


Benches are an integral part of creating a convenient space for people to relax. Pick a vintage steel bench or a modern hardwood — just give them a place to sit!

Four wooden chairs connected to an outdoor table with metal umbrella.


Choose from an assortment of picnic tables and dining sets to create an inviting place for people to gather with friends, family and food.

Metal bike racks fastened to the side of a building.

Bike Racks:

Add a bike loop or a fun bike-shaped rack to your space to encourage physical activity and an environmentally conscious community.

Trash receptacles and a black bench outside a community center

Trash Receptacles:

Adding convenient trash, recycling or ash receptacles is the simplest way to encourage visitors to keep your outdoor space clean.

Commercial flower planters and a bench outside a community center.


Beautify your space with TerraCast planters large and small. This perfect accent piece comes in any style imaginable, from Grecian to contemporary.

BBG Grill for a park

BBQ Grills and Campfire Rings:

Offer tools for visitors to cook a meal or build a fire on a chilly evening. It just may empower people to linger and converse outside a little longer.

Other Product Solutions

Based on your interest in Site Furnishings and Amenities, here are a few other products you might be interested in exploring:

Working with All Inclusive Rec

At All Inclusive Rec, our team of industry experts will work with you to create a customized solution to your needs — whether that’s a single traditional-style table for outside an apartment building, or a whole product grouping of modern pieces to furnish a large park.

We are proud to offer functional and beautiful site furnishings from the industry’s most trusted brands. And with an array of colors, materials, styles and customization options available, we can help you find the perfect products to fit your unique space without skimping on quality.

In other words: We only carry the best.

Your priorities are our priorities.

Planning: We can provide full specifications and 3D CAD renderings to assist you in your planning process. We will also coordinate product delivery to meet your deadlines.

Price: The range of products we carry ensures we can find an affordable solution for almost any project. And we offer cooperative procurement solutions that make the purchasing process simple and cost effective.

Shipping & Installation: For your convenience, our products are shipped individually, and lift-gate delivery is available. We can offer professional installation solutions for non-portable furnishings.

Warranty: We offer industry-leading warranties for all of our products and any installation we coordinate.

Customization: In addition to a variety of colors and design options, the products we carry can also be customized with names, cities, memorial plaques and more.

Safety: Our products can be ordered in a variety of finishes to suit your particular space, such as Plastisol for environments designed for children. Additionally, we can discuss mounting options for optimal safety, such as a surface mount, installed in-ground or left portable. As in everything we do, we also guarantee we will meet safety standards and relevant International Building Codes (IBC).

Sustainability: Ask us about our green solutions to add convenience to your space while keeping it environmentally friendly.

Contact us today to get started picking out the site furnishings that will complete your space and make every visit worthwhile.

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