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Get people moving with an innovative fitness experience in your outdoor space! From parks to rec centers to schools, outdoor fitness offerings are being incorporated into communal spaces everywhere to promote healthy living and active lifestyles.

Impressive modern design makes today’s outdoor fitness equipment as striking as it is functional. These components are carefully engineered to enhance the spaces they occupy, while simultaneously providing communities of all ages, abilities and fitness levels the opportunity to discover how fun fitness can be!

Types of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fit Exercise Systems:

Give visitors the opportunity to have a full-body workout with our outdoor fit exercise systems. These multi gym set-ups allow for up to 5 users to workout at a time.

Outdoor fitness circuit stations.

Fitness Circuits / Calisthenics Racks:

With a complete fitness circuit, users perform a series of exercises at different stations that cover the warm-up, workout and stretching, all while engaging the whole cardiovascular system.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that utilizes the user’s body weight to strengthen muscle groups, and adding a multi-purpose calisthenics rack to an outdoor space instantly gives both beginners and enthusiasts the means to complete an endless number of bodyweight exercises.

Person climbing through an outdoor obstacle course.

Obstacle Courses:

Made up of different pieces that strengthen and challenge the body, these modern obstacle courses are as aesthetically pleasing as they are fun! Suitable for a broad range of users and fitness levels, these courses offer up a challenge nobody can resist.


Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness transforms your space into a revolutionary, free fitness centre with over 35 of the highest quality outdoor fitness machines. Each machine is designed to contribute to a complete workout for your body. Transform your space with our durable and high-performance outdoor fitness equipment. Whether its an apartment complex, neighborhood or walking trail, outdoor fitness equipment improves your community.

Other Product Solutions

Based on your interest in Outdoor Fitness Solutions, here are a few other products you might be interested in exploring:

Working with All Inclusive Rec

Working with All Inclusive Rec to create an outdoor fitness experience for your space is a unique experience. We don’t just sell you equipment — we design a complete fitness solution for your project.

Choosing durable, modern equipment from the industry’s highest-quality and most experienced manufacturers, we’ll design the perfect layout for your space, your users and your objectives. We offer signage, workout routines and resources created by our manufacturers to empower your community to truly get the most out of your outdoor fitness equipment. We also offer professional installation options.

All our services combine to create a start-to-finish turnkey solution for you.

Your priorities are our priorities.

Planning: Our team can help you decide what will fit the space available for your project, the targeted users’ age range and your budget. We can design a layout based on your feedback or requests and provide full-set CAD drawings. We will help you make every decision in the planning process, and we can even talk about scalability, to leave room for additions over time.

Safety: There are a number of safety concerns to be considered when creating an outdoor fitness area, such as what surfacing to utilize and how much space around the equipment is needed to prevent injuries. Our team members are always available to discuss these options, and we’ll make sure each decision is tailored to the age group of your users. We will also discuss signage and support materials available to demonstrate proper usage to visitors and help prevent inappropriate or dangerous use of the equipment.

Installation: We are able to offer turn-key installation through professional installers.

Warranty: Our manufacturers offer the highest-quality products on the market, designed to weather the outdoors. But just in case, our outdoor fitness equipment and installations are backed by a warranty.

Accessibility: We carry outdoor fitness equipment that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities, including people who use wheelchairs and senior populations. Ask a member of our team about the needs and abilities of your space’s intended users, and let’s explore the possibilities!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving! We’ll start with a FREE, no-obligation meetup so we can learn what kind of space you want to build and show you some options. Schedule your meetup today.

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