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Music is as old as humanity, but the earliest notes weren’t played in concert halls — they were played for the hills and the mountains, the lakes and the plains. They were played outside.

Today’s outdoor musical instruments are a unique way of creating a fun, inclusive environment for people of all ages and abilities. Professionally tuned and fully functioning, these striking instruments inspire people to create music — and memories. No experience required!


Types of Outdoor Musical Instruments

Whether you’re looking to add an extra element of fun to a park, creating a supplemental music area at a school, or maybe creating a recreational area for all to enjoy in your retirement community, these instruments are the key to creating a beautiful soundscape. And with the flexibility to be attached to the floor or a wall, outdoor instruments fit in virtually any space.

Additionally, musical instruments are a great way to be inclusive! Music therapy has long been recognized as having a powerful therapeutic effect, and a growing number of studies suggest that playing musical instruments can have significant benefits for adults and children with developmental delays or special educational needs. Read more from our partner Percussion Play.

Child beating on a Babel Drum


People of all ages love to try their hand at these drums — literally! No mallets or accessories are required when your community can create music with their hands. Try the Congas, a traditional single-headed drum that make energetic rhythms, or the Babel Drum, which produces mellow, warm tones well suited to relaxation and music therapy.

Small child making music with harmony flowers

Chimes & Bells:

Chimes can be arranged individually around an outdoor space or placed together for a symphony arrangement, brightening any area with their melodious sound and sustained notes. Or, for a more striking architectural feature, try Tubular Bells, which generate deep, resonant notes that can be heard and felt.

The colorful Harmony Flowers and Harmony Bells are available individually or in two ‘posy’ arrangements each with three flowers. These cheerful playground additions make an ideal choice for inclusive play areas and smaller budding musicians.

Three children make music playing on The Duo xylophone.


Every person at every age will feel like a kid again when they start exploring the fun sounds of the Xylophone! There is a wide array of options, including The Duo, a distinctive instrument with an ergonomic design to allow multiple players to collaborate while also accommodating people in wheelchairs. Meanwhile, the Sansa-Rimba, a colorful 15-note instrument with impressive resonance and striking tones, is perfect for beginners.

Other Product Solutions

Based on your interest in Outdoor Musical Instruments, here are a few other products you might be interested in exploring:

Working with All Inclusive Rec

All Inclusive Rec is thrilled to offer the full catalog of products by industry leader Percussion Play, a company known for high-quality, long-lasting, stainless-steel instruments. And these aren’t noisemakers. Percussion Play’s products are real musical instruments that empower people to explore the beauty of rhythm and melody. Let our team craft the perfect solution for your project. We’ve got all the logistics covered.

Your priorities are our priorities

Planning: Whether you are adding one piece to an existing space or starting your project from scratch, we can help plan the space with 3D CAD drawings. 

Installation: Installation can be done DIY with just a few people and some elbow grease. We also offer professional installation, if you’d rather leave it to us.

Maintenance: Percussion Play’s outdoor musical instruments are maintenance-free and built to withstand most weather that Mother Nature will throw at them.

Warranties: We are proud to offer industry-leading warranties on everything we sell, from our range of products to the installation.

Budget: Outdoor musical instruments are an investment that can be worked into almost any project. You can even add new pieces to your musical collection at a later date.

At All Inclusive Rec, we believe that it’s important to have fun. That doesn’t start with the final product. Rather, the design and planning process should be fun, too! Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation meetup so that we can learn more about your project. We want to share ideas and create a space that brings music to your community!

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