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At All Inclusive Rec, we are guided by the principle that if you design for the average user, you design for no one. During the planning process, we look through a lens of accessibility to ensure that your outdoor space will provide a fun experience for people of all abilities.

To better help us do that, we’ve partnered with Little Tikes Commercial and Unlimited Play to build our accessible playgrounds.

Unlimited Play’s design standards exceed the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines, and remove barriers that emphasize limitations. The playgrounds promote dignity, understanding and respect. And they are not just designed for children with disabilities or critical illnesses.

Accessible playgrounds allow parents and caregivers with disabilities, including our nation’s veterans, the opportunity to play alongside their loved ones.

Able-bodied children learn and grow on accessible playgrounds, too, by interacting with others who are different than them.