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Everyone remembers the joys of recess. A trip to the playground is the best part of every school day! But did you know it’s also one of the most important?

Outdoor unstructured play and physical activity are critical to a child’s development and growth — and their success in the classroom. That’s why it’s important that every school has a playground to inspire and challenge its students. Of course, your school is as unique as the students who go there, so your playground should be, too!


School Playground Inspiration

All Inclusive Rec has more than 15 years of experience partnering with schools to design and build fantastic playgrounds for students of all ages and abilities. Check out a few of our past projects!

Colorful school playground.
Green and orange elementary school playground
Balance beam and climbing wall at a school.

Updating Old Playgrounds

If your school has an outdated playground that no longer fits the needs of the student body, we are happy to consult on updates or replacements that can improve accessibility, increase safety or otherwise enhance the play experience.

Since funding is often an issue in the replacement of older school playgrounds that may still have functioning equipment, we can also develop phases of design. This means older features of the playground are phased out over a time period defined to accommodate funding. We’re also happy to look into replacement discounts on outdated equipment that may help stretch your budget.

Working with All Inclusive Rec

Our team has worked on thousands of playground projects over the years, so we know first-hand the importance of a playground in the education and healthy growth and development of kids.

We also understand the intricate financial structures of schools. Ultimately, this means the funds you dedicate to creating a playground must deliver a safe, fun, beautiful space that encourages students to be active, refine motor skills, practice social interaction and continue learning outside the classroom.

So let’s work together to build the perfect playground for your school community!

Our Process

At All Inclusive Rec, we are proud to provide local representation so you’ll always have a team member available to manage the many moving pieces that go into a completely custom playground — that includes everything from discussing design ideas with you and your community, to coordinating with vendors and installers.

And we truly are a one-stop shop! Our team can design and organize every element of a functional play space, from the actual playground equipment and safety surfacing, to other site furnishings like benches, tables, trash cans and bike racks. Trust us, we’ve thought of everything.

Planning & Design

Our team will design a fantastic space for your school community based on your custom needs, including budget, the physical space available, safety concerns, and the ages and number of children at your school. We are happy to provide 3D renderings, CAD drawings, fly-through video animations or presentations to educate and inspire the decision-makers representing your school community.

Purchasing & Financing

We understand the challenges of funding a space for a school community and are always available to provide consultation and ideas for fundraising and grants. We also offer cooperative purchasing, which allows you to purchase products through pre-negotiated contracts and satisfies the bid requirements for certain public projects.


You can invite your school community to get involved by participating in a fun community build, or you can hand the wrench over to one of our CPSI-certified, OSHA-trained and insured installation companies. 


All of our products are offered with an industry-leading warranty, in addition to any installations we complete. 

Safety & Accessibility

In the playground industry, safety is paramount. As playground professionals, our design process incorporates your school’s unique safety considerations, including the number and age of children who attend your school, how to enhance sight lines for teachers and caretakers, the location of the playground site, and more. Additionally, every manufacturer we represent is CPSC compliant, and our playground equipment and surfacing manufacturers follow the ASTM standards developed by ASTM International. We promise your entire school playground will adhere to or surpass local and national safety standards.

We also believe everyone should be able to play together, especially at school. For that reason, our team designs with accessibility in mind. We represent manufacturers who offer the most innovative inclusive playground equipment on the market, and we would love to share ideas for making your playground not only ADA compliant — but truly inclusive for all.

Getting Started

Contact us today to meet your local representative at All Inclusive Rec and start creating something amazing for your school community!

Product Solutions

We work with leading manufacturers to provide products of the highest quality, safety and design creativity. Click one of the links below to learn more about the products we offer.