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Safety is paramount in any public space. When you’re designing an outdoor space that will be used by the community, safety needs to be integrated into your plans and designs from the ground up. Literally.

Choosing the correct safety surface for your playground area is no easy task. There are many materials to choose from, all with varying advantages. To help you sort through the options, you need a safety surface expert. You need All Inclusive Rec.


Types of Safety Surfaces

Safety rile playground flooring.

Safety Tile:

Considered one of the safest and most accessible surfaces available, these rubber tiles are a popular choice for playgrounds everywhere. They can also be customized to complement your space or match a theme. Designed to stay safe for the life of the product, this is your long-term solution for a low-maintenance space.

Poured in place rubber swirled navy and tan on a school playground

Poured In Place Rubber:

Get creative with poured in place rubber! When designing a space with this high-quality surface, your imagination is the only limit. This turnkey solution can be completely customized with any shapes, colors or graphics that will make your space unique and special for your community. Poured in place rubber is installed by a certified installer, which we can provide, and is accessible for people of all abilities.

Engineered wood fiber on a playground.

Engineered Wood Fiber:

This popular playground surface is easy, natural-looking and affordable — without compromising on safety. Tested and certified by the manufacturer, this loose material can be shipped and installed DIY. All Inclusive Rec offers maintenance plans to keep your engineered wood fiber topped off at the required intervals.

Blue rubber mulch safety surface on a playground.

Rubber Mulch:

Rubber mulch is made from recycled car tires, making it very environmentally friendly. When properly maintained, it also gives great fall protection and doesn’t degrade like natural alternatives. This mulch is delivered in large bags that make it a great option for DIY installation. Of course, we also offer professional installation options, as well.

Turf safety surface used at a playground.


Pay homage to the great outdoors with turf! Turf is the solution to giving any space the beautiful, natural appearance of grass — without the watering and fertilizer. In addition to being incredibly low-maintenance, this durable option can actually stand up to the wear and tear of kids at play. It also boasts an antimicrobial effect important around little ones, and some recycled content to go easy on the environment.

Other Product Solutions

Based on your interest in Safety Surfaces, here are a few other products you might be interested in exploring:

Working with All Inclusive Rec

We are thrilled to offer safety surfacing solutions from Fibar and SofSurfaces, both available exclusively from All Inclusive Rec, in addition to industry favorites DuraPlay and Rubberecycle. Our assortment of suppliers means we can offer you the very best safety surfaces on the market.

However, too many options can also be overwhelming. Enter All Inclusive Rec! Our team members have the industry knowledge and product expertise you need to carefully review the pros and cons of each choice and ultimately make the best selection for your project.

Your priorities are our priorities.

Budget: Our large assortment of safety surface options means we can offer a high-quality, durable solution for any project, on any budget.

Planning: A member of our team is always available to help you make safety surfacing decisions, and once you’ve decided, we can provide drawings and color visualizations to assist you in the planning process.

Safety: All of our products, including safety surfaces, come from expert suppliers who adhere to ASTM standards, and we promise to meet or surpass all applicable safety standards. Please note that some safety surfacing types require maintenance to continue to meet safety standards over time.

Accessibility: We place great importance on accessibility in public spaces, and we would love to use our knowledge of the industry to help you choose a safety surface that will make your project accessible to people of all abilities.

Installation: We offer certified installation on all of our safety surfaces. However, if you like the DIY approach, loose surfaces can be self-installed, and some are even delivered in convenient packaging.

Maintenance: While some safety surfaces are virtually maintenance-free, others require periodic upkeep to ensure safety and optimal performance. Contact us to learn more.

Warranties: Here at All Inclusive Rec, we offer industry-leading warranties on all our products. Safety surfacing products generally come with anything from a five-year to a limited lifetime warranty. We also offer warranties on any installation we perform.

At All Inclusive Rec, we have the product and industry knowledge to help you create a safe, fun space for all. Let’s schedule a free, no-obligation meetup to discuss your project and your community’s needs.

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