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Kids love to make a splash, especially in the heat of summer. So it’s no wonder that children delight in water play — and it’s no wonder communities love splash parks!

These aquatic playgrounds transform every summertime trip to the park with new sensations and experiences for children of all ages and abilities. Water play is tactile, visual, auditory, refreshing and fun, all while encouraging physical activity and social interaction in a family-friendly environment.

The best splash parks use imagination and innovation to deliver a unique sensory experience for every child. An experience they’ll remember long after summer is over.


Splash Park Equipment

Let your imagination run wild with water play! At All Inclusive Rec, we’re thrilled to partner with industry-leading Rain Drop to create fun, high-quality, visually stunning splash parks that will entertain the whole community. With a variety of materials, from stainless-steel to fiberglass, and over 450 products in Rain Drop’s catalogue, we have the tools you need to make your splash park seriously cool. But what makes the possibilities truly endless?

Our team can organize the creation of custom events to fit any theme or vision you can imagine. That’s right: your imagination is the only limit. And we’re happy to help you brainstorm! Here are just a few examples of water features that delight kids of all ages:

Spray Park Equipment - Surface Sprays

Surface Sprays:

Kids love to chase sprays, jets, misters, arches and geysers shooting up from the ground. For added interactivity, these fun features can be programmed to spray in patterns or at the touch of a button. You can even incorporate LED lights and music to create a fully immersive aquatic play experience.

Water Park Play Structure

Creature Features:

Fill your splash park space with whimsical creatures, from snakes to sharks to zebras to — well, anything! Imagine any creature into existence with a fully customized water spray piece.

Playground Water Cannon

Playground Water Cannons:

Put the water in the hands of your visitors with these fun features that can be made in any shape or color. Water cannons are a fun way to promote interaction and play between splash park visitors.

Commercial Water Park Equipment

Tumble Buckets:

Kids and adults alike love the anticipation of waiting for dump buckets to fill up and the exhilaration of running away just in time – or getting drenched!

Water Slide Companies Near Me

Custom Water Slides:

From small water slides for toddlers to large, fast water slides for big kids, there’s nothing that keeps the little ones active and happy quite like a slide.

Water Park Play Structure

Water Park Play Structures:

For a truly unique piece, customize a structure with water slides, climbing nets, huge dumping wheels, cause-and-effect water sprays and more!

Other Product Solutions

Based on your interest in Splash Park equipment, here are a few other products you might be interested in exploring:

Working with All Inclusive Rec

When you work with All Inclusive Rec, you’re working with experts. Whether you’re looking for a few water events to supplement an existing park or designing a brand-new, expansive splash park, we have the expertise to help you deliver a beautiful, fully customized aquatic experience on time and on budget.

Each splash park is unique, so we’ll start the process by discussing exactly what you want your project to be, along with any themes or ideas you have. Once you’ve shared your vision with us, we’ll make sure each event is artfully designed and carefully engineered, overseeing the process until your plans become reality.

Your priorities are our priorities.

Budget: Our team can help you create the best possible water play experience to fit your budget, without compromising on quality, by advising on the perfect materials, ground surfacing, draining system and features. And with Rain Drop’s exclusive interface, it’s easy to complete a splash park project in phases — start with a few jets at your current budget, and then save up to add more features later!

Planning: We can help you plan every aspect of your space for an optimal guest experience. We also offer full-set CAD drawings and videos for promotion.

Installation: At All Inclusive Rec, we can provide installers for a completely turnkey experience, or simply act as a consultant after installation — but before concrete is poured — to ensure everything is installed correctly and to prevent costly mistakes. We can also program your water features and conduct test runs before the splash park opens to the public. 

Accessibility: As a company that prides itself on a commitment to inclusion, All Inclusive Rec is proud to partner with Rain Drop, a company that goes beyond ADA compliance to focus on universal design. This means the company’s products are designed with consideration for people of all abilities and their various needs, making it easy and affordable to incorporate inclusive features into your project.

Safety & Maintenance: To preserve the function and safety of your splash park, water play features need to be winterized. The All Inclusive Rec team is happy to provide training on how to perform this seasonal maintenance on your water features. Additionally, if a splash park utilizes a recirculation system, the water is treated with chemicals and these levels must be tested regularly. Speak with the All Inclusive Rec team today about what options are best suited to your project and maintenance capabilities.

Warranties: We offer industry-leading warranties on everything we sell, and we’re even able to offer warranties on any installations we oversee.

Water conservation: Our reps love to help communities and organizations build fun, imaginative spaces for water play that are sustainable and conscious of resources. There are a variety of ways to ensure your project is environmentally friendly, like utilizing a recirculation system or different programming patterns. Ask a member of our team about water conservation strategies for your splash park.

The sky is the limit when you build a splash park with All Inclusive Rec. And we like to have fun at every step of the process — not just once the water is running! Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation meetup so we can learn about your project and share ideas for creating an immersive water play experience!

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