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Parks are an integral part of every community — a beautiful green space for all to enjoy. A good park should be vibrant, spark community engagement and encourage children and adults to be active. But a GREAT park is so much more than that.

A great park is unique, nourishes human connection and provides environmental value, all while giving people the room to grow and learn. It is the intersection of public health and happiness.

Constructing a park or recreational space with the perfect balance is no small feat. The process goes far beyond picking out benches and ordering slides. But we don’t need to tell you that.

You are in the business of parks. So are we. Let’s work together and create something great.


Parks and Recreation Inspiration

All Inclusive Rec has been assisting public parks and recreation departments for more than 15 years. Take a look at a few of our case studies to get some ideas on how to enhance your outdoor space.

Shaded bleachers at a baseball park.
Two people working out at a park.
Park Bathrooms.

Working with All Inclusive Rec

We know that you are facing a challenge: to build the best park possible at the best price possible for your community.

Whether you are creating a brand-new playground, replacing outdated pavilions, or updating an existing space with new furnishings, there are a million factors at play — such as budgets, committees and public opinion. We can help you navigate all of that, and more!

From planning to design to installation, we have the tools and expertise you need to deliver an innovative recreational space for your community, on time and on budget.

Our Process

Whether you have a fully fleshed-out plan or just the spark of an idea, we will start by sitting down and talking about your project ideas and the community you serve. By combining our industry expertise and your firsthand knowledge of your community, we will find creative solutions for your project’s unique needs.

Our goal is to make the process straightforward, stress-free and fun for you! To that end, we offer cooperative purchasing, CAD design services, a variety of installation and maintenance options and warranties.

Planning & Design

Considering factors such as the size of the area you are working with, the age and number of people you need to accommodate, safety considerations, and the project’s budget, we will design the perfect space and create the CAD drawings needed to move forward. We can also provide materials you may need for that WOW factor in presentations to committees and constituents, like 3D renderings and fly-through animations for videos or posters.


We offer cooperative purchasing, which satisfies bid requirements so that you don’t have to go out and bid the project. Instead, you can purchase products through pre-negotiated contracts, saving you the time, the hassle of multiple bids, and money.


If you don’t have the resources to install the products for your project yourself, we offer several options. A popular route is the community build, which is when you invite members of the community to volunteer their time and effort to put together this new community space as a group. Alternatively, for a quicker finish, we can provide you with a “turnkey” solution — a professional installation company.


Our team is able to offer industry-leading warranties on the products purchased from us in addition to any installations we complete.

Safety & Accessibility

Every public space has a duty to follow safety guidelines for the good of the community. This is especially true of recreational spaces where families and children will gather. All the manufacturers we represent are CPSC compliant, and our playground equipment and surfacing manufacturers follow the ASTM standards developed by ASTM International.

Additionally, All Inclusive Rec places a significant emphasis on incorporating accessibility into all of our projects. We believe that in order for a community to flourish, its parks and public spaces must be enjoyable for all residents. Whether that means adding a few key features or going beyond ADA compliance, our designs keep people of all abilities in mind.

Getting Started

Contact us today! We want to hear about your vision for your community and talk about how we can work together to make it a reality.

Product Solutions

We work with leading manufacturers to provide products of the highest quality, safety and design creativity. Click one of the links below to learn more about the products we offer.