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Climb! Slide! Run! It’s no secret that kids love to play. But did you know they need to play?

Play is vital to a child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive development. Giving them a safe, inspiring place to do it is critical. And designing those spaces is our passion.

A playground should be fun, of course. But we understand the importance of encouraging the development of life skills by incorporating all the different styles of play, including sensory, climbing, swinging, spinning, balancing, brachiating and sliding. We know a truly exceptional playground will inspire the imagination, promote physical activity, encourage kids to challenge themselves and provide opportunities for social interaction.

So let’s team up and build an exceptional playground. We promise it won’t feel like work. It’ll feel just like play!


Types of Playground Equipment

No two playgrounds are alike, and we have the means to make your unique playscape a reality thanks to partnerships with the most creative and experienced brands in the business. The true magic of playground design is incorporating all the available elements into one custom solution for a given community, which is our specialty!

Here are a few examples of playground equipment we use in our designs to meet critical play styles:

Custom Rock Climbing Wall

Playground Climbers:

Kids can reach all new heights with a wide assortment of climbing options, from ladders and nets to rings and climbing walls. These features come in nearly any design and can be freestanding or part of a completely customized outdoor play structure.

Commercial Playground Equipment Slide


Nothing boosts kids’ confidence and rewards physical activity like a slide! Choose a dual slide to promote social interaction, a roller slide to increase the sensory experience and accommodate children with cochlear implants, or build a slide into a hill to conserve space.

Commercial Playground Swings

Playground Swings:

The swing is a playground staple and has been transformed into many different options that all give playground visitors a different experience. For example, the hugely popular dish swings let multiple kids swing together, while generational seats allow caregivers to swing face-to-face with the little ones.

Types of Playground Equipment - Spinners

Playground Spinners:

This isn’t your grandma’s merry-go-round! With the unique inclusive Turnabout Spinner by Little Tikes Commercial and ElephantPlay’s sought-after Spinneround series, it’s never been easier to go for a spin on the playground.

Modern Playground Equipment


Group teeter-totters and fanciful spring riders are just the start of the wild rides available on modern playgrounds. Check out the innovative Rail-Rider from Little Tikes Commercial, an inclusive glider that sends kids flying!

Types of Playground Equipment - Spaghettini by Goric

Sculptural Components:

Sculptural components made for play provide a new way for kids to climb, move and explore while creating a functional and stunning aesthetic. One wildly popular example is Goric’s Spaghettini collection of playground climbers.

Commercial Playground Structure

Playground Structures:

A modular play structure can be customized with a variety of different slides, tunnels, bridges, climbers, activity panels and more. Combining different types of play experiences in one structure is the best way to create a unique challenge for kids!

Other Product Solutions

Based on your interest in Commercial Playground Equipment, here are a few other products you might be interested in exploring:

Working with All Inclusive Rec

We take fun seriously. When you work with All Inclusive Rec, you’re getting a team of industry professionals who specialize in play. Knowing the world of play like we do and having early access to new creations from the industry’s best brands allows our team to create a completely customized playground solution for you, from start to finish.

So let us be your playground partner. We will be available to advise, lend a helping hand and answer questions throughout the whole process — even long after your playground’s grand opening.

Your priorities are our priorities.

Safety: Our design process always prioritizes safety, with a focus on the age of the playground’s users, the flow of the layout, safety surfacing, sight lines and visibility for caregivers, and the location of nearby parking lots, roads and other potential hazards. When all is said and done, our playgrounds will meet or exceed industry safety standards.

Price: The All Inclusive Rec team will work within your budget and timeline to create a high-quality playground — without cutting corners. We love to get creative!

Planning: We have the expertise to help you consider all aspects of your project and design a playground based on key factors like location, space allotment, user age range, budget, preferred play events and play value. We can also provide 3D CAD renderings and other design materials for use throughout the planning process.

Accessibility: At All Inclusive Rec, one of our biggest passions is accessibility! Ask our team about solutions for pushing your playground above and beyond ADA compliance to provide equitable play opportunities for children and caregivers of all abilities.

Installation: There are several playground installation options to choose from, including a community build or a turn-key process done by an experienced professional installer. All of our professional installation partners are CPSI-certified, OSHA-trained and insured.

Warranty: We represent only high-quality playground equipment from the industry’s leading brands, all of which come with a warranty. Any installation we complete is also backed by a warranty.

Whether you’re working on a large destination park or a small play area for a preschool, we want to help you get your playground off the ground! Start with a FREE, no-obligation meetup so that we can learn all about your project and throw around some ideas and inspiration. Let’s play!

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