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The new shade structure at the Collinsville Aqua Park created a stunning and attractive space for area residents to host birthday parties and special events. Inspired by the colorful features of the Aqua Park, the bright blue, purple and green of the sails create a cheerful yet calming space that ties the park together.

The light and airy sails are a cost-effective shade solution that accommodates the continuous activity of a water park. To meet bid requirements for the project, the structure was purchased through the cooperative purchasing program, Sourcewell.

In partnership with USA Shade, All Inclusive Rec was the exclusive provider and worked on everything from the design to the installation.

Collinsville Aqua Park pools and shade

Blue, green and purple triangular shade sails overlap each other at a water park.

Unique Features

  • USA Shade sails provide 98% UV protection and can feel up to 20 degrees cooler than under direct sunlight.
  • Gore stitching and Shadesure rip-stop fabric provides long term durability.
  • Engineered to withstand Mother Nature’s worst.
  • Tri-color sails with bright colors bring an artistic flair to the Aqua Park.
Water park in Collinsville

Project Details

  • Location: Collinsville, IL
  • Partners: Collinsville Parks & Recreation and USA Shade
  • Timeline: May 2019 to June 2019
  • Vendors: USA Shade and Ideal Play & Surfacing

We love our new shade structure. It gives our Aqua Park a focal point with brilliant colors that pull the whole park together. Not only is the structure functional for keeping the sun off of our guests, but it is beautiful enough to give style to our park. . .this was a huge undertaking, and All Inclusive Rec made sure we had the best customer experience along the way.