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The playground at Winona Elementary School in Winona, Mo., was in need of a modernized update. After applying and receiving a grant from the USDA, the school’s PTA Committee worked with All Inclusive Rec on an exciting and colorful playground design that infused school spirit into every grade level.

In partnership with Little Tikes Commercial, All Inclusive Rec developed a unique playground with premium equipment and amenities. The PTA preferred to install the playground themselves with All Inclusive Rec serving as an on-site supervisor to help facilitate the process. The supervised installation completed in mid-2019 — bringing a colorful, imaginative and challenging playground for students of all ages to enjoy at Winona Elementary School.

Purple and yellow slides and shade at Winona Elementary School

Purple and gold floating ball maze

Unique Features

  • The purple and gold floating ball maze fosters school spirit and creates a climbing obstacle for younger kids.
  • Durable fabric shade placed over the main playground structure adds visual texture and keeps the equipment and students cool on hot days.
  • A braille activity panel encourages inclusive play and helps with children’s cognitive development.
  • Two separate play areas customized for different grade levels utilize engineered wood fiber safety surfacing.

Project Details

  • Location: Winona, MO
  • Partners: PTA Committee
  • Timeline: October 2018 to June 2019
  • Vendor: Little Tikes Commercial

We love it!! It looks awesome and the kids love it.