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children playing with outdoor music instrument

5 Benefits of Outdoor Musical Instruments

Outdoor play is about more than exercise for kids. Unstructured physical activity not only improves children’s health but also helps them develop social skills, explore their imagination and reduce their stress levels.

Similarly, exposure to music offers a range of benefits for children, including brain growth, language and math skills, and increased memory and concentration.

So why not combine the two? Outdoor musical instruments for parks provide kids of all ages with a fun way to express themselves and connect with other children while developing skills that will help them succeed at school and beyond!

Read on to learn how outdoor instruments for schools, playgrounds and parks can help children harmonize with each other and the world around them.

Top 5 Benefits of Playground Music Equipment:

  1. Improves Language and Communication Skills
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had a point when he described music as “the universal language.” Music classes and activities can actually help children improve their speech and reading skills. Studies show that learning music helps to develop the left side of the brain, which is connected to language and reasoning. This could be because as children learn about music, they also learn how to:
    • recognize different sounds
    • follow rhythms
    • identify rhymes

The key to these benefits is active participation. Music classes can be intimidating, but outdoor music stations and playground music walls provide a fun outlet for children to express themselves through music and learn essential communication skills (without even realizing the experience is educational).

2. Creates Emotional and Social Connections
Music inspires powerful emotional reactions in listeners. This is just as true for young children as it is for adults. Early childhood is full of emotions, and music can help children learn how to understand, express, and manage their feelings.

Outdoor musical instruments take this a step further by making music a collaborative experience, helping children connect with their emotions and each other. An outdoor xylophone or a preschool outdoor music wall, for example, offers plenty of room for multiple players to work on a melody together. 

Our partner, Percussion Play, offers several outdoor musical instruments for playgrounds to help children socialize, including:

    • Outdoor xylophones
    • Outdoor marimbas
    • Chimes and bells
    • Outdoor music walls
    • Outdoor drums
    • And many more! 

Playing music as a group helps children develop their sense of empathy with others and better tune into other people’s emotions. It can also help children improve their cooperation skills and their sense of social belonging.

3. Increases Memory, Attention & Concentration
Music can enhance memory, attention and concentration. Children learn to pay attention to the unique patterns within rhythms and how to focus on different musical elements, such as the melody and harmony.

Adding commercial playground musical instruments to parks and schools enables children to work on these skills in a relaxed setting. Outdoor drums are a great way for kids to try their hands at making beats in patterns that form energetic rhythms!

These skills will even help children in math class. After all, music and mathematics go hand in hand. Music teaches children about:

    • Beat
    • Rhythm
    • Scales
    • Tempo

By learning these musical elements, children also gain experience with the following
math skills:

    • Basic fractions
    • Division
    • Pattern-recognition
    • Problem solving 

4. Makes Music Accessible to Everyone
One of the best things about playground musical equipment is anyone can use it, regardless of skill level. Because music is so influential in enhancing human development for young children, playing musical instruments has a profound effect on individuals experiencing developmental delays.

Outdoor instruments promote whole-body engagement and can help develop both fine and gross motor skills. The familiar sounds can also provide a sense of comfort and familiarity for those who are anxious about change.

In addition to helping individuals overcome any limitations, music can also add to their quality of life. Outdoor musical instruments enable you to add a splash of music to any setting, not just parks and school playgrounds. They are great additions for retirement homes, city main streets and apartment complexes. Outdoor instruments give people of all abilities the opportunity to create memories of making music with others, positively impacting their mental health. 

5. Encourages Creativity and Joy
In addition to the positive effects music can have on development and mental health, it’s also just plain fun!

Human brains are wired for music, so outdoor musical instruments give everyone, not just kids, a chance to express themselves, whether it’s via outdoor xylophone playground equipment or a music wall at a retirement home. 

Don’t worry about having enough talent or musical skill. Simply making a series of sounds together as a family can produce joyful memories and deeper emotional connections!

Add More Music to Your Life with All Inclusive Rec

Outdoor musical instruments are a wonderful addition to any park or playground, offering developmental, social, and emotional benefits to those who use them. They create unique outdoor settings that bring communities together through expression, curiosity, and FUN! Does your local park or playground have outdoor musical instruments? Why not add some?

All Inclusive Rec can help you make music part of your outdoor community! We have representatives in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois ready to help you create something special. You can contact us at any time to tell us about your project. 

After finding the perfect outdoor musical instruments for your community, we can help complete the space with other fantastic outdoor elements. Our team can help you design: 

Let’s get started today! Just fill out the form at https://allinclusiverec.com/contact.