Top Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to Outdoor Areas
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Three salmon colored fabric shades cover the seating area next to a pool.

Top Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to Outdoor Areas

No matter the season, people head to the great outdoors for fun and relaxation: from spring picnics to outdoor pools, school field trips, outdoor concerts, play dates and more! But without a shaded space to escape the elements, the tranquility of nature can be challenged by unpredictable weather.

Choosing the right shade structure for your outdoor area is important for safety and comfort — and it is a cost-effective investment that will pay for itself in durability and reduced energy bills. So, what are you waiting for?!

6 Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to Your Outdoor Space

Read on to find out why no outdoor space is complete without shade.

1. Promote the Safety and Comfort of Your Guests

Offer protection and comfort for your guests during all seasons with a shade structure. Shade keeps everyone cool while also helping to prevent sunburns, dehydration and other safety concerns.

By removing solar radiation, the temperature in a shaded environment can feel up to 20 degrees cooler than the temperature under direct sunlight!

Shade also reduces harmful UV exposure, which is a leading cause of skin cancer. Providing adequate UV protection is oftentimes a requirement in many areas to meet or surpass safety standards and building codes. At All Inclusive Rec, we represent USA Shade fabric shades that are designed to provide up to 97% UV protection.

2. Enhance Aesthetics with Customization

Custom shade structures enhance the visual appeal of any area. It can create both a dramatic piece of architecture while also serve as functional in design. Whether a custom or standard design, we offer a broad variety of shade structures available to fit your needs:

  • Fabric shades from USA Shade, which are fully customizable in any shape, color and size you can imagine, including the option to add custom logos and patterns;
  • Steel shelters & Gazebos from Coverworx that are built to last, with the highest quality materials, primers and paint to provide long-term life expectancy.

3. Lower Energy Costs by Keeping Interiors Cool

Shade structures help block the sunlight from windows and doorways, which reduces the energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. This is also true for vehicles under a covered parking area!

The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy says carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of the energy used in a typical household. Smart landscaping and shade structures can look beautiful and help your facility’s budget go farther!

To ensure your shade structure offers maximum comfort, we also offer sun studies to maximize the time and amount of shade a structure would provide.

4. Protect Equipment from the Elements

Shade helps keeps outdoor equipment cool — which is important for playgrounds.

Protection from the elements can also increase the lifespan of outdoor equipment, because harmful UV from sunlight fades the color of equipment and other site furnishings.

All our products are built to withstand mother nature and are backed by manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee they will stand the test of time.

5. Offer a Cost-Effective Alternative to Remodeling

When a full-scale remodel is not in the budget, shade structures are a cost-effective way to add visual appeal and make a big impact!

Choose the best material for your project’s price point, from fabric to steel and everything in between. Shade can also be added to an existing structure and prevent the need to redesign your facility’s landscape. And with the added protection of a shelter, your other site furnishings will last longer and allow you to invest in other areas that need attention.

6. Boost Property Value and Return on Investment

Adding a shelter or shaded area to your property may create new opportunities to generate revenue, such as:

  • The option to pay additional rent for covered parking at an apartment or condo complex;
  • Offering a gazebo or pavilion for event rentals, such as company picnics, family reunions, and birthday parties; and,
  • Creating an area in a public park that could be used for wedding ceremonies.

With obvious beauty and functionality, shade structures add an architectural element to any property that the entire community can enjoy for years to come.

All Inclusive Rec Has the Shade and Shelter Solutions You Need

Bring your architectural plans to life with a custom shade structure that’s designed to fit your budget, maximize existing space and create excitement for guests and future visitors! To keep things running smoothly and efficiently, we also offer turnkey solutions with professional installation.

With local representatives in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri, All Inclusive Rec is the Midwest’s leading provider of parks and recreation products. We are committed to honesty, integrity and expertise: and above all else, we want you to have FUN creating the outdoor space of your dreams!

All Inclusive Rec proudly represents industry leaders for shade products of the highest quality from USA Shade and Coverworx — we would welcome the opportunity to set up a free consultation to help you find the perfect shade solution for your needs.

Let’s talk about your project. Submit a request for information below, or give us a call at (573) 701-9787.