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kids at an inclusive playground playing on boulder

How to Energize an Outdoor Space with Bouldering

When Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell belted out, “Ain’t no mountain high enough,” maybe they understood the thrill of climbing onto an artificial boulder, looking up the intimidating side and trying to figure out the best path forward. Not to mention the thrill of getting to the top!

Or maybe they were just talking about true love.

However you want to take it, we couldn’t agree more that bouldering combines excitement and problem-solving with a safe, low-to-the-ground climbing experience.

Adding a vibrant bouldering structure to an outdoor space will add an eye-catching feature to draw in kids — and those who are only kids at heart. With colorful features and striking angles that attract climbers and non-climbers alike, recreational boulders inspire interest, foster opportunities for physical activity and create a striking aesthetic.

What Is Bouldering?

Bouldering has a long history, starting when mathematician John Gill first put a bolt in a rock in Yosemite in the 1940s. Over the past few decades, rock climbing and bouldering have picked up momentum, gaining popularity with help from documentaries such as “Meru” and the Academy Award-winning “Free Solo.” With this surge, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics debuted Sport Climbing with the discipline of Bouldering, turning a hot trend into an elite sports staple.

Unlike traditional rock climbing, bouldering walls offer a low-to-the-ground experience that doesn’t require costly ropes, harnesses or belaying lessons. Artificial outdoor boulders usually stand between 8 and 12 feet tall, with an added safety surface to protect climbers during falls. Instead of going for height or distance, these short climbs rely on strategically placed grips that offer the climber a range of satisfying routes or “problems” to solve, ranging from beginner to elite.

3 Benefits of Bouldering

Bouldering is an exciting way to exercise outdoors, with proven physical and mental benefits. Here are a few:

1. Provides whole-body aerobic workouts

Bouldering will have anyone stretching, grasping, lifting, and pushing throughout a climb. It ignites your core, improves your flexibility, and strengthens your muscles. Unlike a traditional climb up a mountain, bouldering on an artificial installation allows the climber to partake at their own ability level. Novice climbers and even kids can do a few grips and rest until they’re ready to go on, allowing people at all fitness levels to get the full benefit of this fantastic and fun workout.

2. Sharpens problem-solving skills

When you look at a bouldering wall, you will understand why each route is called a “problem.” A climber typically will take a moment or two before starting their ascent to figure out the best way to reach the top. These problems offer a kind of puzzle suitable for climbers of all ages — and solving these “problems” have been proven to increase decision-making skills.

3. Builds self-confidence and contributes to mental health

Training for Sport Climbing can significantly help climbers with anxiety and build self-confidence, according to one 8-week study through Indiana University. The study concluded that the participants developed a sense of self-efficiency and improved their mental and physical awareness. The more that climbers solved the problems of the climb, the more self-confident they became, which helped lessen their anxiety levels.

Additionally, separate studies have shown that by combining brain engagement and heart-pumping physical activity (which increases oxygen in the bloodstream), bouldering has a positive impact on people who suffer from depression.

Types of Commercial Outdoor Bouldering Equipment

There are many options available for adding a boulder to your playground or outdoor space. Here at All Inclusive Rec, we’re proud to offer outdoor boulders from industry leader Trekfit. Each Trekfit boulder contains hundreds of polyester resin grips of various shapes and sizes. In addition,

“Oh no darling, no wind, no rain

 Or winters cold can stop me, baby!”

Just like in the song, Trekfit boulders can resist the harshest of conditions. They’re also very versatile. With Trekfit’s modular design, the layout of the boulder can be changed over time and damaged grips can be easily replaced. As climbers become more experienced, they can take on new wall sections or try a new layout.

SUMMIT Boulder

Trekfit’s 12-foot Summit Boulder offers 38 climbing surfaces, 300 grip sizes, and 6 distinct climbing paths. These freestanding structures are double-sided with positive and negative inclines, offering the climber a variety of challenges.

ALPINE Boulder 

At 10 feet high, these Trekfit Boulders are modular and expandable! The ALPINE Boulder allows the user to find a design that is just right for them, making room for endless fun. This style ranges from 90 grips to over 300 grips, with 44 climbing surfaces, and will challenge and delight climbers of all skill levels.

BASE Boulder

The smallest and most kid- and school-friendly option from Trekfit is the 8-foot BASE Boulder. These safe and fun freestanding boulders are perfect for up-and-coming climbers, with over 23 climbing surfaces, 120 colorful grips, and 4 engaging routes.

Adding Bouldering Equipment to Your Outdoor Space

Adding a boulder to your outdoor space — or creating a whole new space for the community to climb — shouldn’t be difficult. That’s where we come in.

The All Inclusive Rec team would love to help you create an area for people of all ages and skill levels to climb. Our team can help you choose a safety surface for under the bouldering area or suggest other outdoor fitness equipment to complement the bouldering area. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the expertise to make your project a breeze.

For more information, contact us today at (573) 701-9787 or via the contact form on our website: https://allinclusiverec.com/contact/.

And remember: Ain’t no boulder high enough to keep them from climbing with you!