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Two people running on a walking trail in the winter.

How to Promote Outdoor Fitness in the Winter

Outdoor exercise and winter workouts are part of a year-round healthy lifestyle. It is important to layer up and get out in the fresh air even when it is cold outside. In fact, the cold air can motivate you to get your muscles moving and help keep your body warm. Fresh air, endorphins and Vitamin D offer a natural way to relieve stress and tackle the winter blues.

Play structures, circuits and outdoor fitness equipment can encourage guests to visit your parks and outdoor spaces year-round — even in cold weather! Visitors of all ages and activity levels can benefit from equipment that adds a dose of fun to daily exercise.

Read on for three tips to promote outdoor fitness in the winter.

Tip #1: Add Outdoor Fitness CIRCUITS and Equipment to a Walking Trail.

Going for a walk is a healthy form of low-impact exercise. Walking may be particularly appealing to seniors and in scenarios where it is unsafe to jog on rain, snow or ice. Instead of building or designing a separate fitness area, consider adding equipment to your facility’s outdoor track or walking trail.

Adding outdoor fitness equipment along a path is a great way to get people to your outdoor space for three main reasons:

  1. Exercise equipment offers a fun and easy way for walkers to challenge themselves during a workout. Your recreation area should include signage describing each machine and how to use it safely. Look for equipment signage that also offers QR codes for video tutorials and workouts adding greater benefits for your users.
  2. Indoor facilities and private gyms can feel intimidating or exclusive. Outdoor circuits, such as the Benchfit, tend to be less complicated than the weight sets at boutique fitness centers.
  3. Creating natural stopping points at a safe distance from a running path helps foot traffic flow smoothly and keeps guests safe.

Outdoor fitness equipment is already being installed in parks across the country. Get ahead of the local competition and install fitness equipment to upgrade your outdoor space! 

Tip #2: Build (or Update!) a Playground for Kids of All Ages.

Parents know better than anyone how important it is to get outside in the winter! Kids can get cooped up indoors, and playgrounds are a great place to explore and burn off some energy. While many activities are limited or canceled during the pandemic, playgrounds are more important than ever for unstructured play time.

If your recreational facility already has a playground or play equipment, you may be contemplating a full renovation or simply looking for a few new components to refresh the play area. The addition of a sculptural climber, such as the Goric Spaghettini collection, or an outdoor musical instrument can be fun AND cost-effective.

If your recreational facility does not have an outdoor playground, consider reaching out to a parks and recreation professional to discuss solutions tailored to your venue and budget. The addition of a playground structure or stand-alone equipment can be a game-changer for families in your area!

Playgrounds are important for communities, and play is core mission of our company. Take a look at our photo gallery to get inspired by some of our favorite playground projects.

Tip #3: Make an Outdoor Fitness Center.

Looking to go all in on outdoor fitness? Dedicate a section of your space as an outdoor fitness center! Use our industry-leading equipment to create a fitness circuit, obstacle course or even a climbing area that will appeal to guests of all experience levels.

Visitors will love the chance to get out of the gym and try something new — without skimping on the quality or intensity of their normal workout. We offer a variety of equipment to target different muscles, such as:

  • Core: Ab stretcher, push-up bar, and rowing machine. See core products.
  • Upper body: Pull-up station, chest press machine and more!
  • Lower body: Some of the most popular options include a leg press and leg curl machine.

Outdoor fitness equipment encourages people who the love the gym to get outside and offers a fun new activity for anyone who is burned out from working out at home during the pandemic. It can be a great way to stay healthy and socialize safely with others!

Create Your Outdoor Oasis with All Inclusive Rec

All Inclusive Rec will work with you to design and install an outdoor fitness experience your community will enjoy year-round. From planning to installation, our team has the expertise you can rely on to transform your outdoor space without hassle.

We partner with the industry’s best vendors, including Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness and TREKFIT to offer high quality, durable equipment that is built to last. Fitness equipment and installations are also backed by a warranty to provide total peace of mind.

Let us help you bring your dreams to life. Contact All Inclusive Rec today to speak with a local representative in your area or call our office at (573) 701-9787.