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Three wooden benches facing a tree in an outdoor space.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Site Furnishings

Although this year has been full of uncertainty, there’s one thing we can be sure of: the refreshing feeling of stepping outside. Now more than ever, your outdoor space can be a place to recharge and escape from stress. And with many parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities finding creative solutions to adapt to new challenges, now could be the perfect time to make some exciting (and practical) updates with site furnishings.

Your site doesn’t need a full renovation to make a big impression. There are many small improvements that can completely transform your area. Make it a must-see!

practical ways to revamp your outdoor space

1. Add a seating area for maximum guest comfort.

Benches can be much more than simply a place to sit. There are different styles of benches and accessories to add that offer visitors a comfortable place to chat and relax, including:

  • Planters: Enhance any seating area with the natural beauty of fresh flowers using a bench planter combo.
  • Arm rests: Offer added comfort and support.
  • Memorial benches: Providing a personal touch and the opportunity for community fundraisers.

2. Encourage safety and social distancing.

Order a hand sanitizer station for your public space!

Wabash Valley’s tough and durable stations are perfect for any place where people do not have ready access to soap and water to wash their hands. Four welded carbon steel models are available in a wide variety of colors, with and without tamper resistant lockable cabinets, all with a five-year warranty.

3. Go green with environmentally conscious solutions.

Using sustainable solutions lets the public know you care about the betterment of your community. This is a small investment yielding much greater rewards. Consider adding:

  • Ash urns: Provide safe disposal for cigarette butts with an ash urn or combo ash-trash unit.
  • Trash receptacles: Reduce littering by placing bins at entry and exit points.
  • Bike loops: Encourage green transportation with safe storage options for cyclists.
  • Pet waste bag dispensers: Help pet owners remove waste and prevent messes from being left out in the open.

This equipment doesn’t JUST help the environment. It adds convenience for visitors!

4. Use custom game tables to create a fun new gathering space.

Did you know we offer more than just picnic and dining tables?

Installing a game table for chess or checkers creates an interactive environment for laughter, brain power, and fun! Whether spending time with neighbors and friends or hosting a community game night, it doesn’t take much to create a memorable gathering place.

5. Promote outdoor dining with a bonfire fit for novice and professional campers alike.

There’s no need to head back home for dinner when dinner can come to you! Incorporating BBQ grills, fire rings, and dining sets into your outdoor space makes for the perfect mealtime setting. And more time to spend in the great outdoors? We think your guests will take s’more of that.

6. Provide an oasis to take shelter from the sun and inclement weather.

Nothing is worse than having your outdoor adventure plans ruined by an unexpected storm. The top advantages to adding a shelter include:

  • Retaining guests during inclement weather;
  • Protection from the elements; and
  • Offering a gathering place for parties, live music or BBQs.

This simple update can greatly transform an outdoor project. You may even have the opportunity to open a new revenue stream through facility rentals!

7. Embrace the beauty of Mother Nature with greenery and flowers.

Greenery and fresh flowers can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of an outdoor space. Place planters strategically to add a pop of color with seasonal blooms. Use tree grates to protect roots and trunks, and to help prevent pedestrians from scattering soil or mulch.

When it comes to curb appeal, there’s no doubting the value of landscaping!

8. Create an accessible area that makes everyone feel welcome.

All Inclusive Rec is committed to accessible recreation for users of every ability.

Creating an accessible area that makes people feel welcome transforms it for the better. By incorporating ADA wheelchair accessible tables, your facility demonstrates respect and inclusion for all people. An accessible space allows people with disabilities to spend time with their loved ones and feel comfortable while doing so.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Site Furnishings from All Inclusive Rec

Whether you choose a small planter or a full shelter, any investment you make to your outdoor space is one that will surely be appreciated by guests and visitors. After all: one smart investment can lead to big results.

All Inclusive Rec designs beautiful and unique solutions for outdoor projects of any budget. We are committed to providing transparent pricing and represent only the best products from trusted vendors in the recreation industry. Read more about our expertise in Site Furnishings, or view our photo gallery for Project Inspiration.

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space with site furnishings? Tell us about your project so we can connect you with a local representative or call our office at (573) 701-9787.