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Playground Equipment Then and Now

Do you ever think about how your grandparents may have used the cliché “back in my day . . .” and find yourself attaching this to your own childhood experiences? Well, a lot has changed since our formative years, and this is especially true when it comes to playground equipment! If you grew up playing … Continued

Top Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to Outdoor Areas

No matter the season, people head to the great outdoors for fun and relaxation: from spring picnics to outdoor pools, school field trips, outdoor concerts, play dates and more! But without a shaded space to escape the elements, the tranquility of nature can be challenged by unpredictable weather. Choosing the right shade structure for your … Continued

Parks and Recreation Trends For 2020

Are you ready to bring your community park or playground into the new decade? Whether there’s funding for a recreational project in the near future or simply an interest in gathering ideas, look no further than here. With a dose of inspiration from the National Parks & Recreation Association (NRPA) annual trend forecast, we’ve rounded … Continued